About Us

Being the owners of 2 cats and 1 dog, our friends and family were constantly asking us where we got our pets stuff from? Like the time we got asked about Poco's (our Jack Russell Pup) harness like 100 million times (okay, a tiny exaggeration there, but not by much!).

Then it turned into asking us where we got his collar from, when we bought him this awesome customised collar. Then our sassy cats started getting jealous that people weren't asking about them as much, so we had to change that up obviously and find them the latest cool stuff in the cat world of LITness too! Our pets are very spoilt yes, but it's what we do as pet owners, right?

Anyway, that is pretty much how The Licky Furmigos was born.

We were already looking and finding these top quality products for our own fur-babies (because they have such big ego and jealousy issues!) so why not share the love around and do it for others, was our line of thinking!

No mucking around with us obviously! That's how we like to roll...

All of the products we offer in our online store have been given the paws up by our very own furmigos here, so we are certain that yours will love them too!

Don't forget that we are proud supporters of homeless shelters for pets and we donate $2 from every purchase you make in our online store towards different shelters each month. Please help us to help them by making a purchase today! You're awesome and thank you so much for helping!

The Licky Furmigo Team